The Ethics and Politics of the Refugee Crisis was a year long integrated programme of activities about migration, aimed at strengthening collaboration between academic research, civil society, education and the culture sectors via avenues of creative expression. I was commissioned to create visual materials to help focus conversations at workshops and record the overall process.

Based on team reflections and feedback from visitors at the project art exhibition Call me by my name: stories from Calais and Beyond, I made sense of key themes I saw emerging from the comments. I then drew a set of illustrated cards of each theme and these were used as discussion aids at a project workshop and later in a booklet showcasing the responses. The images were created entirely by hand using acrylic ink with dip pens and brushes. The commission also included graphic recording at a showcase event in December 2016 at the Rich Mix Gallery in London. The live illustration generated social media responses from the audience and triggered deeper conversations between people.

Finally, the work has also been included in a teacher resource pack aimed at teachers who wish to stimulate discussion on the project topics in their classrooms.

Funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), the programme was a partnership between Citizenship and Governance research at The Open University, The University of Oxford’s Centre on Migration, Policy and Society (COMPAS), the Migration Museum Project, actREAL and the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

  • Laura was booked by the Wales Deanery to make a graphic recording of our MedTRiM Course for doctors. She captured both the main learning outcomes of the course and the essence of the learning activities incredibly well. What she produced was so good we now use it on all MedTRiM Courses to set the scene for the day.

    Andy McCann, DNA Definitive

  • Laura was a pleasure to work with, both flexible and accommodating for our specific needs. The final piece produced on the day was of exceptional quality and I highly recommend her.

    Chris Formosa, Strategic HR Project Manager at City of London

  • Laura’s unique work created an extremely exciting, vivid and innovative artwork that Chapter continues to profile through its marketing and promotional material.

    Hannah Firth – Head of Visual and Live Arts, Chapter

  • She turned our research into a creative and effective set of scenarios. We would recommend anyone who wants to make their research come alive to work with Laura.

    Noel Hatch – Co-Chair, Transeuropa Cooperative

  • The work done by Laura was invaluable in helping others to understanding the innovation model clearly, and in a lively way that inspired and engaged people. Laura was very effective in clarifying the brief and making helpful suggestions to improve the final product.

    Ian Graham, Head of Innovation, City of York Council