Visual facilitation is a broad term for using methods such as drawing, mind mapping and prototyping to facilitate processes with individuals or groups – the visuals and the facilitator have a more active role in prompting discussion and activities.

Auralab offers visual facilitation for groups and individuals.


On a group level I offer graphic facilitation for

  • Vision & value mapping
  • Problem solving and finding new ideas
  • Deeper discussion & discovery
  • Collection and visualisation of experiential data
  • Community engagement

This works in a very similar way to graphic recording in that I create a large scale visualisation of the discussion but also actively take part in the process by asking questions and prompting conversation. I can act as a third party, objective facilitator to help you get more out of meetings and events – I can work with a small group on my own or take part in bigger events with other facilitators.

I can also help facilitate collaborative visual activities for groups – these can include opinion and comment walls and mapping feelings and underlying themes relating to a topic, place or space. These activities can be short pop-up events in a temporary or unusual space, or standalone installations for a longer period of time.

If this sounds like something that could work for you and your organisation, please get in touch to find out more or book a session.


People who have done this with me have said it has helped them to

  • Find focus in their life and career
  • Recognise unhelpful patterns of behaviour or thinking
  • Uncovering obstacles preventing them doing what they really want
  • Reconnect with inner desires and passions in life
  • Get back their self-confidence

I can help you with finding focus, exploring new ideas, untangling obstacles. During an informal one to one mapping session I create a space for you to reflect and build awareness and help you find patterns and opportunities in areas you want to change. It is not therapy but a facilitated process with paper, colours, lots of scribbling and connecting things together.

The sessions usually last for a few hours and it can take place in your home or in a nice laid back café. I can do shorter or longer sessions depending on how much you want to do and how deep you want to dig – it’s all up to you.

If this sounds like something you would like to try, please get in touch to find out more or book a session.