I have become increasingly involved with facilitation and visual support roles at workshops and wanted to give an overview of how I can help support your team meetings, stakeholder workshops and problem solving scenarios.


Stakeholder engagement and co-design process across Europe

I worked with the innovation department in City of York Council to help visualise their open innovation and co-design process. I drew an illustrated map of the innovation journey with keywords that were translated into Estonian, Italian and Spanish.


Helping children visualise problems and imagine solutions

I supported a series of workshops for children with special education needs or disabilities to help them come up with ideas on how to make their school experience better. This included drawing exercises, making portraits and user personas and storyboarding ideas for improvements. It was great to enable the children identify issues and how to solve them – and they came up with some incredible insights. The workshops were a part of a larger service design programme run by Intelligent Space for Essex County Council to ensure that pupils’ voices are heard.


Facilitating ideas and sketching ideas at the BBC

BBC_poster BBC_Whatson
I worked with Sean Miller of Nonon on a co-design process of figuring out how best BBC North in Salford could create a showcase of technology and maximise engagement for the Blue Room. My role was to help facilitate idea generation, sketch ideas and help prototyping them – with lots of cardboard and Lego!

In addition to these examples I have collaborated with facilitators and changemakers to create illustrated conversation prompts, strategic journey visuals and even one journey set in space.

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